Monday, March 8, 2010

I confess I'm a hoarder....

and man does my bathroom smell good.

I have a tendency to put back and save stuff I really like. I think I may have learned this morning to quit doing that. I have some shower gel that I really like so I only use a little every now and then. So this morning I'm taking a bath and don't want a bubble bath but decide some gel on a cloth would be just right. Well the bottle of gel breaks into 5 pieces, I'm not talking a little crack here. So I have more gel in the tub than any bath can take. It'll take me forever to get it all out. So use up your stuff before the bottle disintegrates on you. Or get glass bottles. Hmmm, pretty idea...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Need ....

a good laugh?

Mattel has come out with Twilight Barbies.

Of course prices are going way to high for 'em too.

I saw Edward at Target. He's pale. LOL

Oh, one bummer, I didn't think of this myself. :)

Edited 'cause there is a Jacob. I don't know why the website doesn't list it but ToysRUs has it.