Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day of firsts...

for ODD.

Not only did ODD finish K yesterday. We let her have her first sleep over. It ended up being a slumber party with YDD too. They did pretty good. Asleep by 10, up at 6.

They started wanting to go jump on the trampoline at 6:20. I had mercy on the neighbors and said no. Hopefully someone will have mercy on me later. :)

They are out now at 7:25 after having 2 pancakes each and feeding the cat. Who surprisingly didn't like having his food bowl brought to him. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bitter sweet...

Tomorrow is my baby's last day of Kindergarten. It seems like just yesterday I was dropping her off in the gym and leaving her and getting to the bus stop way to early anxiously waiting for her to get home.

Our school does nothing for them. No graduation ceremony, no certificate, no nothing to mark the occasion. We'll do something special when she gets home. We'll go to her favorite place for lunch and then go have some water fun. We might even go to dinner when daddy gets home from work. Just make a day of it.

I now have a first grader.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another week...

of school to go. We were suppose to be out Friday but we missed days due to swine flu and now have to go till this Friday. It'll be interesting to see how many kids go this week and what they do.

We should be practicing swimming getting ready to go to swim lessons but no practice this year. The pool isn't even open yet. Our HOA has gone to pot and has made most of the committee volunteers quit. Thus, they are trying to do it all themselves. We haven't even gotten our new key yet.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


now don't get me wrong I'm all for curfews. But Sheffield, AL just made one for 19 year olds and younger. My sister was married at 18. I went off to college at 17. I think 19 is a little old to be telling what time to be in. I think this one is missing the mark. We'll see if it gets revised or just thrown out.

Here is the news clip. "SHEFFIELD, AL (WAFF) - Teenagers in Sheffield are now going to have to be aware of what time it is. A curfew has now been set, and if you do not obey you could be paying a hefty price.

If you are 19-years-old or younger, you had better be off the streets of Sheffield at a certain time. If not, Sheffield Police can write you a citation.

"When I was that age I had a curfew," said Ian Sanford, Sheffield Mayor. "The city didn't impose it, my parents imposed it. It doesn't seem many are doing that."

Sheffield City Council members heard concerns from the police chief about too many juveniles hanging out at late hours, so a curfew ordinance was introduced and approved.

During the school year, anyone under 19 has to be in by 10 Sunday through Monday, and 11 on Friday and Saturday. Over the summer, the curfew will be 11 o'clock 7 days a week.

The curfew will not affect teenagers who have to go to work.

The new curfew has gotten mixed reaction from residents.

"If you are 18 or 19, you're old enough to serve the country," said Chris Mullins, a Sheffield resident. "I don't think you should have a curfew."

"It might be alright for teenagers out of school to be out at 11 o'clock," said Sheffield resident Martha Keck. "It's very tempting to get into trouble."

Another concern is if officers will be able to enforce the curfew.

"They are not going to devote most of their time trying to search down violators of this, but if they do find them they will be cited," said Sanford.

Parents are not off the hook either. If their child gets more than three citations, they will also be penalized.

Those who break the curfew could face up to a $500 fine. The curfew begins Tuesday."

Monday, May 4, 2009

I don't know whether...

to laugh or throw up.

I quite often buy Green Giant Fresh Steam veggies. I had a pack of the broccoli in the freezer that I decided to fix for dinner. Bruce drained them and put them in a bowl. As I'm dishing the broccoli onto the girl's plates, I look at the broccoli and it doesn't quite look right. Well actually one thing in the bowl didn't look right. There was a nice big caterpillar on top. I had DH confirm because after being frozen and microwaved I wanted confirmation.

I had to take broccoli off the girls plates because no way in the world were we going to eat it. YDD was saying but I want some and I'm trying not to tell them why they can't have it. I finally said just trust me. I had one fresh crown in the fridge that I washed and steamed quickly. I should have just done that in the first place but ODD will actually eat the stems in the other.

DH returned it to grocery where we got our money back, a grocery gc and the promise of contact from the big giant himself.

I still feel sick. I think I'm due for a lifetime supply of antacid or something till I quit thinking about this and gagging and feeling nauseous.

Beware of your packaged stuff!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swine flu...

is here in Madison.

Schools were canceled Thursday and Friday. We just got word today that the elementary schools are now closed until May 14th. The HS and Middle schools will be decided on tomorrow. I don't get leaving them open while closing the others.

In my little world, I'm concerned about dance recital. Forget the money, the girls have worked so hard and this was to be YDD's first one. We'll see. A lot can change between now and then.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sweet sounds...

of home.

I laid down for a little while and told ODD to get YDD to take her nap at 1:00 - fully expecting to hear fighting that would cause me to get out of the bed. Instead over the monitor I hear ODD reading YDD a story, turning her music on and covering her up with the right blanket and turning on the lamp because YDD was scared.

Oh so sweet!