Monday, April 28, 2008

One shot

Need I say more...


I'm not feeling so hot. I keep getting sinus headaches. I'm going to break down and call the ENT but I know he will do an MRI and I know when he sees the results he will want to do sinus surgery. I already know I need it. I'm a big chicken.

We are still recovering from vacation. The girls go to preschool tomorrow. YEA. I need a break.

Friday, April 25, 2008

We're Back...

We had a great time. The girls were super. No rain. Maybe a little when we were in the Princess breakfast. It was misty so we covered up the strollers and when we came out it was clear.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Disney ...

here we come. We leave Saturday. I haven't even begun packing. I did remember to grab sunglasses out of the car. I hope the weather is nice (no rain please). Speaking of weather, we had another late frost the other day. My ODD got down on her knees at bed time and prayed for God to make it warm that she was tired of cold weather. It was sweet and funny at the sametime. I'm sure God has a sense of humor.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Off to

see the wizard... Well not really. Fixing to head out on my scrapbook retreat. I'm so ready for it. Now, if my back would just cooperate. I have packed the Tylenol, muscle relaxer and the heating pad. The doctor says it's a pulled muscle and should be better within a week. It needs to be better now. I have arranged for a friend that is going to the same retreat to give me a massage. I'm hoping that will help. OW, I'll be doing a lot of standing. For some reason the back doesn't hurt as bad if I'm standing. The feet on the other hand...

I'm taking my friend to lunch. She is driving and will be hauling all the crap so it's the least I can do. Monday is also her birthday (Happy 32!!!) I'm starving. I hope she picks some place good.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Time flies...

The next fees weeks are probably going to go by in a blurr. I'm really trying to slow down and enjoy everything. You know, stop and smell the roses.

This weekend I'm going on a scrapbook retreat. This is the 3rd time I've gotten to go and I love it. I share a room with one of my closest friends and we stay up way too late talking after we are to tired to scrap anymore and go to bed. It's a blast.

Next week we register my ODD for Kindergarten. Oh my... She is so ready and I'm not.

Then we go on vacation. We are going to Disney. The girls don't know where we are going it's a surprise. I know it's going to kick my butt and I'll be exhausted. But one day that we are there, I'll get to see one of my best friends who moved away to Tampa. I miss her bunches!

Then home to finish out the preschool year, a quick trip to Auburn memorial day weekend, 2 weeks of swim lessons, going to the neighborhood pool almost daily, free summer movies and August will be here before we know it. I vow to throw in some summer picnics and trips to the botanical gardens with friends.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More on storms

I got woke up to a thunderstorm (I wonder if YDD turned off the alert radio again - it didn't go off) early this am. I'm a big baby and I confess. But when you are jumping out of your skin you really can't help it. The hail sounded huge. I didn't get out of bed to look. I do have my limits. I do recall falling back asleep as I was praying for the storm to move on somewhere else but to leave the rain. We desperately need rain.

I have a sinus infection. We were at my YDD's post op followup appointment and her doctor took pity on me and saw me too. He's very nice. I'm switching to him since I can't get in with my ENT till Friday and my Family doctor didn't call me back till we were gone yesterday. YDD got a good review too. We all got to see her tubes. He calmed my fears a bit about letting water get in her ears. His children ended up with tubes and he said he didn't do plugs and didn't restrict swimming. I'm going to do swim lessons and see how it goes for her.

We are off to Disney in 18 days. SHHH.... It's still a secret from the girls. We want to surprise them. Oh ok, we don't want to be hounded to death before hand.