Monday, January 28, 2008

Another ear infection

My YD has yet another ear infection. Bless her heart, every snifle, virus or whatever she catches turns into an ear infection. I'm just waiting for her doctor to start talking about putting tubes in. If it avoids all the troubles I've had we may resort to it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I feel terrible today. I starting feeling sick right before I went to pick the girls up from school. My head has been splitting. I think it's the back and forth on the weather. I wish it would either be cold or warm not both in one day.

We had another attempted abduction at a nearby apartment complex when the child was getting off the school bus. This is the second recent one that has made the news and that the schools sent letters home to parents etc... I hope they catch this quy(s) quick and we'll leave it at that. Please meet your young ones at the bus stop!

It makes me very sad, uneasy and apprehensive. My ODD will start Kindergarten in the Fall it makes me realize all the talking we need to do between now and then.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Man am I feeling nostalgic tonight! A former classmate posted 1985 homecoming football game video and their class of 85 graduation videos on youtube. The link is I was junior class president and you can see me handing out mums to the homecoming court. My boyfriend escorted a friend and one of my best friends won for the junior class, you can see her too. I'm the one in a grey sweatsuit and jeans. Why didn't I wear something nice? I was also marshall at the graduation so in the video1 you see me and my other friend/classmate march in first and stand up front. It's so funny! Brings back tons of sweet sweet memories!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


On the car seat deal, the insurance company just said to replace the car seats. They didn't say anything about the seat belts. I kept wondering 'cause they never ask you to replace the driver seat belt when they are in a fender bender.

My friends Mike and Cristy had a healthy baby boy, Jack, Dec. 28th. I'm so happy for them and their entire family.

A New Year...

Happy New Year Everyone. I know I'm a little late in my well wishes. Hope 2008 is an awesome year for each of you.

DH has been gone on a business trip already this year. The girls and I have been having our good and bad moments so I was dreading the trip and it has been amazingly great. Guess the girls sensed mom needed a break. I took them to a very busy, very popular restaurant yesterday. We went early since I knew it would be busy and it was packed already. They were awesome. I would say they were the best behaved at a restaurant as they have ever been (they usually aren't bad either). They patiently waited about 30 minutes to be seated and then waited for our food and then for my correct food to get sent out. They even shared french fries. :) They got balloons at the end so they got a reward and lots of praise from me and DH over the phone.

My babies are growing up way too fast!!!

I don't do new year resolutions but this year I resolve to use my good stuff this year and not to hoard everything (My GF and I both have decided to do this). I guess it's the Army Brat in me and I just can't help it. So if you see me holding back on something give me a knock back on track.

If you got a Christmas card from us the picture was taken by one of DH's coworkers. He graciously came to our house and took tons of photos for me to chose from. The one I am posting here we took with the tripod and it's no where near the quality as the others.