Friday, March 7, 2008

Ear tubes and adenoid removal...

Well the surgery is over and I think we have all recovered. Here is a quick recap of yesterday.

Got up at 5 'cause I couldn't sleep anyway and we had to be there at 6:45 (which means leaving around 6:15). We just grabbed YDD and took her in her pajamas. She didn't like that at first. Finally accepted the pjs but insisted on her shoes. Gotta love her! We arrive and check in and all goes well. We get back to a room and she's happy as can be. Watches cartoons and plays with her new Beanie Baby swan that she calls a duck. She picked it out 'cause it's a duck. They take her back at 8 and we go to the waiting room. They come get us at 8:15 'cause there has been some delay. She has told the nurses all about her big sis and her cat. I think they liked her and would have stayed with her but they didn't want us to worry. A 15 minute wait turned into an hour. She was fine watching more cartoons. We had a minute where she was crying to take off the hospital bracelet. A nurse finally came and told us it was ok just to leave it on the bed in view. They came and got her a few minutes before 9. She let me put the bracelet back on. And off she went. The doctor called around 9:05 and said her adenoids were indeed enlarged and they were putting in the iv and that he'd be out in about 15 minutes. Of course 15 came and went and I was watching my watch. Finally he came out (about 9:30) and said everything went well. Told us what to do when we got her home etc... and said they were fixing to come and get us and put us to work. Hmmm... The nurse gets us and takes us back to the discharge room where areas are set off by chairs (some have screens - we didn't). They go over the discharge info and say they are bringing her to us 'cause she's upset and calling for me. Well boy was I unprepared, she was pissed. There is no other way to say it. I knew she'd be mad but I didn't know she would be screaming, hitting, biting and all that. I was wondering what in the world had we done to her. We had to hold her hands down to keep her from yanking her iv out and if we let up on the tension she's bite us. They wanted her to drink before she got the iv out. She would have none of that, she'd hit at the cup. We offered her every beverage known to man. She even throw duck duck down. They finally gave up and took the iv out. Then she wanted the bandage off, they finally gave up and gave her a bandaid. As soon as the nurse let go she yanked it off. People in the hall were staring at me. I really really thought about sticking my tongue out at them. This is not uncommon with children. I just wasn't expecting it because our ODD didn't do this when she had her surgery. They finally just gave up and let us go home. She wouldn't drink and they thought she might settle down in the car. In the car she pitched a fit for Old McDonald's (my girls call McD's that). At first it was just for a sprite but then it was for a burger too. She was so mad we went through the drive in. She wanted to eat there. She was settling down though. It wasn't continuous screaming like at the hospital. We were home by 11 and she settled down and drank, ate yogurt and then most of her burger and fries. I figure if it was hurting her throat she wouldn't eat it. She was fine after that. She just wanted her mommy to hold her for a long time. (What a chore) Her throat would hurt and she'd ask for more Sprite and/or Tylenol (it was usually due so I knew she most be hurting). We went out to eat with friends last night and she ate as normal. Last night, she woke crying for water fairly early. Then at 3:30 she wanted to get up. I explained it was still the middle of the night and she was ok with that. Then within 10 minutes she was saying her throat hurt. I offered her water but she wanted Tylenol. I gave it to her (what she didn't spit out) and she went back to sleep. Was still asleep when I left for work.

So yea the surgery was no big deal but the anesthesia reaction was a big deal. Nobody properly prepared me for that. Upset I was expecting but pissed and violence from my sweet little precious angel I was not.

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