Thursday, August 20, 2009

Missing my grandmother...

even though she is still alive. You see my grandmother has Alzheimer's. She lives nearby in a nursing home. She no longer talks and can barely see, otherwise she is in great physical health. I miss my grandmother from my college years. I went to college about an hour and a half from my grandparents. I would go stay weekends or just go do laundry midweek. Gas was cheaper then the laundry mat then. They always expected me even if I didn't tell them I was coming. My PaPa (he died in 2001) would have something cooked (tomatoes and rice) or we'd call Grandmother at work and have her bring home a pizza. It was good times.

My grandmother collected salt and pepper shakers. She had hundreds. My dad was in the army and my folks got married when my mom was 17. So we started picking one up for her every where we went and it caught on to other family members as well. When her household was consolidated the shakers were distributed amongst family. Here is my share.

I should have taken them down and took a close up. You get the point though.

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LauraGST said...

I just noticed an irony (of sorts). The lady cookie jar in the picture was given to me by very special family friends on my 13th birthday. She now has Alzheimer's too.