Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Too young...

ODD at 5 is just too young for girl drama. I'm really feeling like we are in for it in the teenage years. Today we had 2 drama events. She got off the bus saying the neighbor girl was mean to her and pinched her. There are several things wrong with this. One, I don't know what ODD's participation in this was. Two, I hate tattle-telling Three, I don't want some kid being mean to my kid and four, did I say I hate tattle-telling. When I get past 2 and 4, I want to whoop the little girl. I basically told ODD not to sit with the other girl anymore. What else can I do?

Then we get to church and we go to sit with our other neighbors who have boys. Well, their oldest son didn't want the girls to sit with him. So, I got up and moved the girls. My ODD was crying and said he wouldn't sit with her at lunch either. I just told her to sit with her other friends. I don't like seeing my daughter with hurt feelings but there isn't much I can do to protect her at school.

I'm not going to coddle the kid. If he wants to be rude then he can deal with the consequences. Now his mom is the sweetest thing in the world so I really really hope I didn't hurt her feelings but she needs to be aware of her son's actions.

It's really hard to not make big deals out of things like this. I do feel the bigger deal we make the bigger deal it is. So I do try to down play even when I want to go whoop somebody else's kid.

Wednesday's are hard. ODD seems to be the tiredest on Wednesday night.

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Lynnea said...

Ugh, I hate that stuff too. I do think they get worn out and that makes it worse. Sorry!