Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crazy busy...

day today.

YDD's Field Day is at preschool today. Since she doesn't usually go on Wednesday, I have to go with her. I don't mind - gives me picture taking time. I sure don't know what we should wear. It's going to be 72 today but it's starting out in mid40s. I suspect it won't warm up too quickly so jackets for us.

Then YDD has her regularly scheduled dance class. Then all of us to church supper and then both YDD and ODD have their choir recognition service at church and sing in it. I suspect YDD will pass out sometime today.

Have you tried Kellogg's Special K chocolate delight? Finally cereal that I can live with.

Speaking of breakfast, a brand new bottle of vanilla creamer fell out of the frig this am and busted. I hate ceramic tile. I vote to go back to linoleum. Stuff stood a chance of surviving. I've broken more things on this kitchen ceramic tile than I wish to recall.

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